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Holladay, TN.

Winners: Old Time Bluegrass and Fiddler's Jamboree

April 17, 2010 Holladay, TN


1st Clint Morgan-Benton, KY

2nd Ryan Holladay-Camden

3rd Rob Pearcy-Smyrna

4th Tyler Sellers-Ashland City

5th Pat Van Gordon-Rockvale


Fiddlers 18 and Under

1st Tori Huntley-Loretta

2nd Raygan Sellers-Ashland City

3rd Daniel Pitts-Cumberland City

4th Steven Alonso-Adams

5th Cara Di Giovanni-Greenbrier Harpeth River-Fairview;


1st Michael Stockion-Milton

2nd Ryan Holladay-Camden

3rd Rob Pearcy-Smyrna

4th Neil English-Corinth MS

Howard Justice-Clarksville


Fiddlers Over 55:

1st Carl Franklin-Hendersonville

2nd Wayne Jerrolds-Savannah

3rd Lorraine Porter-Adams

4th Wayne Carter-Aberdeen MS

5th Rob Percy-Smryna


Fiddlers 19-55

1st Dan Wallace-Bumpus Mills

2nd Chris Gray-Lawrenceburg

3rd Bill Jones-Martin

4th Luke Richardson-Lawrenceburg


Banjo (Bluegrass):

1st Ryan Holladay-Camden

2nd Tommy James-Lexington

3rd Jamie Holland-Erin

4th Daniel Pitts- Erin

5th Carl Franklin-Hendersonville


Harmonica 19 and Over:

1st Wailin Wood-McEwen

2nd Rob Pearcy-Smyrna

3rd Luke Richardson-Lawrenceburg

4th Chris Gray-Lawrenceburg


Square Dancing:

1st Rocky Top Revue- Fairview

2nd Tennessee Toe Tappers-Pleasantview

3rd Harpeth River-Fairview

4th Jackson Hollow-Fairview


Bluegrass Bands:

1st Holiday Inn Express-Camden

2nd Cross Connection-Jackson

3rd Bluegrass One-Erin

4th Highway 49-Ashland City

5th Cane Ridge-Dyersburg


Buckdancing 8 and Under:

Plaque went to MyLeigh Campbell-White Bluff. All got a ribbon.


Buckdancing 9-18:

1st Justin Yates-Adams

2nd Keri Wright-McEwen

3rd Kayla Yates-Adams

4th Kelsey Jones-Lyles

5th Woody Stephenson-Nashville


Buckdancing 19 and Over:

1st Wendell Hodges-Scottsville

2nd Teresa Ogletree-Hendersonville

3rd Jeff Yates-Adams

4th Teresa Binkley-Pleasantville

5th Shawna Taylor-Christiana


Banjo (Old Time):

1st Dan Knowles-Paris

2nd Luke Richardson-Lawrenceburg

3rd Daniel Pitts-Cumberland City

4th Rob Pearcy-Smyrna

5th Phil Sparks-White Bluff



1st Ryan Holladay-Camden

2nd Will Duncan-Fayetteville AR

3rd Rob Pearcy-Smyrna

4th Chris Gray-Lawrenceburg

5th Daniel Killian-Linden


Fiddle Off Winner : Carl Franklin-Hendersonville






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